Biblical Memoir

Today For November 23Clement of Rome, Pastor. Clement (ca. AD 35-100) is remembered for having established the pattern of apostolic authority that governed the Christian Church during the first and second centuries. He also insisted in keeping Christ at the center of the Church’s worship and outreach. In a letter to the Christian’s at Corinth, he emphasized the centrality of Jesus’ death and resurrection: “Let us fix our eyes on the blood of Christ, realizing how precious it is to His Father, since it was poured out for our salvation and brought the grace of repentance to the whole world” (Clement 6:31). Prior to suffering a martyr’s death by drowning, Clement displayed a steadfast, Christlike love for God’s redeemed people, serving as an inspiration to future generations to continue to build the Church on the foundation of the prophets and apostles, with Christ as the one and only cornerstone.

Alan Lyght